Public and politics often discussed about institute of referendum in every democracy. Most of these discussion are devote to responding on basic questions. So these are: What will happen if we would give this right(referendum) to everyone? Is it possible that everyone is responsible enough to make the weighty decisions? In these questions, public opinion is divided in two camps. First camp always declare that referendum is a key to real democracy. And referendum fully justiced the meaning of the word called democracy. Whole world know that this word is composed from two parts: demos(people) and kratos(government). Second camp declare. It could be very nice, if we possess this right. But fortunately it´s impossible.

Society today is more educated than ever before. So, give the referendum to the people. Look at the Switzerland. Referendum in this country works for decades. On the other side, in some parts of the Switzerland doesn´t works any of democratic principals. For example: In one county(canton) women still hasn´t universal voting right. But it´s true that the institute of referendum belong to democracy without any doubt.

But we can´t omit arguments against the referendum. Undoubtely, everyone can´t be so inteligent. These people(less inteligent) can´t predict impact of their decisions. Also they can be influenced by some politics or groups from extreme part of political scene. And by these extremists referendum can be abused. I heard from one colleague an argument supporting referendum. He said:”Referendum is usefull for the feeling that I´ve been asked by someone”. I mean it isn´t good argument. Referendum is here for the results not for the feeling. If referundum will be here for the feeling. So, it will be expensive affair.

Finally, I´m against referendum in all forms. I think referendum is a false imagine about fair society.

Michal Půr


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