Slave Labour

Slave Labour is something like phenomena of our decade. It’s one of the biggest problems in the Third world. The biggest concerns in the whole world going wealthy, because they often abused the poor people in the third world. But these people are not employees in reality. There are no doubts that they are slaves and the concerns are slavers. Between these concerns we can find a lot of concerns with the good sound in the business and also in the society. For example: Walt Disney. Walt Disney is viewed by society as a respectable, serious, fair and successful enterprise. But it is only bad imagination. The figures from the Walt Disney’s cartoons are full of morality and good behaviour. So they are the best examples for the children in the whole wild world. Typical child from the mature world thinks that the Walt Disney’s figures are so great. It is possible, that this child want to be as a Donald Duck, Lion King and so on. But for the children in the third world the Walt Disney’s figures incarnated the worst nightmares. Why? It’s simple to answer this question. These children working in the factory (owned by Walt Disney) for 12 (at least) hours every day. It is not a bad joke. It is reality.

In the Czech Republic the slave labour is not a big problem. But I’ve found a typical example of slave labour. One enterprise from East Bohemia abused women from Ukraine. They worked from 6. AM to 10. PM. Their salary was one thousand CZK for month. The employer declared that this salary is normal in the region. But average salary in the region is 12 500 CZK for month. I think there is a little difference.

We have to stopped this injustice, but it will be a hard work.