The Folly of arms control

The year 1945 completely changed the world. One nation used nuclear weapon against other nation. Since the time, mankind lives in the world, which is full of fear. Other important date is the year 1948. In 1948, Soviet Union successfully tested own nuclear weapon. Just this year, started ”arm race” between the biggest states. This ”race” continued for 40 years. At the end of this ”race” both states held the horrible number of nuclear weapons. But during these decades, some countries entered into the club. Today, the membership in the club is very prestige. For example, members are USA, Russia, France, Great Britain, China etc. But now, the nuclear war is pure nonsense. Because the nuclear war automatically means the end of the whole world. Our era is symbolised by the nuclear balance. Indeed, during last year the political scene is influenced by the problem of nuclear defence. United States wants to build nuclear defence often called ”nuclear umbrella”. Now, the world is divided into two parts. One part support this project and the others always say that this project means big dangerous for the world.

The supporters warn against the third world. In last decade some countries entered into the club. For example India, Pakistan and in the future it can be People Republic of Korea. In these countries, United States are known as the biggest evil. But also in the world, these countries are known as the supporters of terrorism. One of these supporters is also George Bush (new American president). He wants to build ”nuclear umbrella” anyway.

But on the other side opponents always talking about breaking international treaties. Their opinion is that the United States hasn’t any right to build this ”nuclear umbrella”. Because it will be sign to start new ”arm race”. But now it will be the race full of new ”conventional arms”. It is true that the ”conventional arms” are easy to use. Because these arms doesn’t cause mutual extinction.

I’m the opponent of ”nuclear umbrella”. I’m convinced that the nuclear balance is the best method of solution.