Value of middle class

The middle class is taken as a basic element of modern society. All political parties notified in their political programs that they would support the middle class, especially small and middle tradesmen. This business is typical for middle class.

The state that has the biggest middle class is automatically taken as the richest state. But is it true that the wealth of state depend on a middle class? Society is divided in two groups. The first group declared that the middle class prevents the society from bad influence of social inequality. They also declared that the middle class is a bearer of traditions and morality. Some political parties declare it too. But their real policy is destructive for middle class. On my mind Iíve especially taxation policy.

Second group declared that middle class couldnít exist. The middle class is viewed in their position as a third way. Their opinion is that the society is divided in two parts. The first part is low society and the second part is high society. Thereís nothing between.

Hereís my position. I think we need the middle class. The middle class is a main defence from bad influences of globalisation. The best weapon in this fight is small and middle trade. Itís the only way to prevent our tradition and morality (if we have it). Some groups would like to uniformed the world and destroy the traditions. I canít understand to taxation policy of our governments. This taxation policy can destroy the middle class. The taxes are too high. Taxes arenít so horrible for high society and for low society. Low society is prevented by social security benefits. People from middle class paying on a most non-productive class (low society). They often pay same taxes as a high society. Itís not a good way.